How Do These Services Work?

If you are involved in litigation that deals with Social Security disability, workers compensation, private insurance, Veterans Affairs, alimony or child support, a vocational and rehabilitation expert is necessary for assessing the economic effect of an incident, such as divorce or disability, on an individual.

Vocational and rehabilitation experts can provide both consultation and testimony for individuals, companies, clinics and federal and state agencies. Experts gather appropriate information about an individual or individuals to determine their job potential, which is the type of work that a person can do and the likelihood that they will be employed in these positions. Directly related to job potential is income potential, which is what an individual can earn given the limitations verified by the individual and professional sources. By measuring income potential before and after an incident, a vocational expert can then project what that individual’s loss of income will be.

A vocational expert gathers this information through either an evaluation or an assessment. The difference between the two is that the former involves meeting with the individual and the latter doesn’t. An evaluation involves a combination of interview, situational assessment, vocational testing, reviewing records and surveying resources. If the individual in need of evaluating is dead, otherwise unavailable or uncooperative, then an expert can use information gathered from other sources to assess lost income or income potential.

Vocational testing is also available to help gather more vocational information about interest, aptitude and achievement. They can be administered to explore current levels or changes in vocational potential.

"we do evaluations for transition youth, high school, and university students"

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